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About Got Carrots?®

Know the techniques used to train a reliable and safe service horse at Got Carrots?® in Roy, Washington. Patti offers nonfictional and fictional books about horses. She has been publishing books through iUniverse™ since 1999.


For over thirty years, Patti has been an educator of horses. She has a PhD in Psychology and studied Equestrian Science in Spain, Portugal, England, and Germany. Her degrees in education also include a Masters and continued Doctoral Studies in Educational Methods and Research. Now, she lives on a small farm in the United States with her beloved pair of Great Danes.

Expert Horse Trainer
Patti has the best of both worlds as a professional educator and Grand Prix dressage trainer and competitor. With her more than 25 years of experience as a researcher and educator, she has become an expert in horse training. She has also taught behavior modification programs to create an optimal learning environment. Through her methods, case studies, and key points, riders and horse trainers are able to learn to:
• Establish Goals and Objectives Specifically Tailored for Each Horse
• Decrease Undesirable Behavior without Unnecessary Force

• Create Reasonable and Achievable Lessons

• Develop Rider Aids and Cues That Reward Behavior
• Manage Risk and Ensure a Safe Learning Environment


Rescued Horse
This is an uplifting story for kids about a rescued foal that teaches real life values. Annie and Cassie are best friends who met at Rolling Hills Equestrian School. Even though they began as strangers, their shared love for horses and adventure kept them together, especially when they helped nurse a young foal back to life.

Contact Patti in Roy, Washington, to order her nonfictional and fictional books about horses.